Fenestrae 2023 Wrap Up: Fenestrae 2024 Release & New Team Members

As we wrap up 2023, we at Fenestrae are proud to have achieved significant milestones this year. Our priority was and continues to be strengthening our relationships with customers and partners, and through our efforts, we are thrilled to have achieved this goal. We are also excited to announce the release of Faxination version 2024, a massive feat for us at Fenestrae.

New Team Members

As we welcome the new year, we would like to introduce our dynamic new team members. We are thrilled to have Liz Maya, our new CEO, on board. Liz brings a wealth of experience in fax technology as the leader of our affiliate company, Lane. Additionally, we are happy to announce the promotion of Andre Sikma as the head of Development and Internal IT, as well as the return of Jacques Van Wijk to assist us with exciting new product enhancements and technologies.

Our Biggest Wins of 2023

We are proud to have re-established strong relationships with our customer and partner base. This effort has resulted in valuable customer feedback and insights that have allowed us to improve our products and services continuously. Another significant accomplishment is the release of Faxination 2024, a much-awaited update amongst our customer base. 

Latest Features & Updates with Faxination 2024

The launch of Faxination version 2024 introduces several new features and enhancements to our product. This version includes several enhancements such as reporting, security enhancements, G711 for FOIP, Cover Sheet Editor Updates, Enhanced NLB, Clustered Environment Synchronization, and AD Integration for the Management portal, among others.

With our cloud offering, we have welcomed the addition of ICD, SAP, and MFP Connectors, providing our customers more options and flexibility. 

2024 Enhancements  

As we move forward into the new year, we remain committed to developing and enhancing our cloud offering to continue providing our customers greater flexibility and convenience. We also aim to introduce more of our connectors into the cloud environment, similar to our successful on-premise server offering, to help our customers stay connected and achieve streamlined fax communication.

Fenestrae: Transforming Fax Technology in 2024 and Beyond

2023 has been a year of growth and momentum for Fenestrae. We are especially proud of the release of Faxination version 2024 and are confident that the new features and enhancements will create more value for our customers. Our team is looking forward to the years ahead and are optimistic about the future of Fenestrae.

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