We don’t just offer a fax service; we offer a solution to help your enterprise grow. With our vast range of customizable and flexible options, you can focus on what’s essential – furthering business success.


Faxination offers reliable, flexible, and future-safe enterprise faxing solutions.

On-Premise Fax

On-Premise Fax Solutions from Faxination ensure your business remains secure and in complete control of your fax communications.

Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax from Faxination is an efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses seeking a modernized faxing experience.

Analog Fax

Faxination provides an analog fax solution that is tailored to your business needs. We leverage industry-standard technology to ensure reliable performance while designing our solutions for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Custom Fax

We can help you transition from expensive and inefficient systems to more cost-effective options or scale up your volumes as needed. Our custom solutions are designed for optimal performance and reliability, ensuring you receive quality service with every connection.


T1/E1 increases the stability of fax transmissions. Our Dialogic digital cards provide efficient pass through, eliminating the occurrence of blank sheets, missed lines, and missed pages. Our hybrid solution combines traditional analog components with digitized fax cards.

Highly-Optimized & Flexible
Enterprise Platform

Benefit from a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),
faster implementation, and greater scalability.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization with Faxination’s Solutions offers a single point of administration and security, as well as messaging archiving and monitoring capabilities. Centralized or consolidated Faxination servers can also be configured for high volume and high volume availability while allowing for streamlined implementation. As such, organizations can optimize their fax infrastructure and ensure an efficient, secure environment.


Secure faxing is critical for businesses of all sizes. Fenestrae’s Faxination Solution offers a secure and efficient way to capture and store vital business documents.

The Faxination mailbox connector enables fast and accurate document processing of email file attachments, such as invoices, sales inquiries, and orders. Leveraging MS Exchange and Office 365 email filtering rules, users can initiate workflows or build archives quickly and securely to meet regulatory standards.

Our Shared Folder feature allows users to quickly access, store, and process documents. The inbound Directory Connector captures and processes messages, splitting them into multiple pages if needed. All pages are saved in a centralized shared network folder using PDF/A files and OCR technology, allowing for easy retrieval and sharing across applications with no need for manual intervention.

Our fax communication solutions provide businesses of any size with a secure and reliable faxing experience, certified to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Allowing for seamless outbound messaging and inbound delivery direct to business applications such as SAP or Sharepoint, Faxination ascertains that your fax communications are simple, efficient, and always kept secure.

Faxination’s mobile messaging solution allows businesses to send personalized or bulk SMS/text messages directly from Outlook or any business application. Automate appointment reminders, confirm financial transactions, and streamline operations with our reliable, time-saving solution that works within existing applications. Quickly reach customers on their preferred communication device while eliminating no-shows and improving response times.

Faxination Offers Streamlined Support & Effortless Implementation

At Fenestrae, we take great pride in delivering reliable solutions backed by our comprehensive support team and fax specialists. Our experts have decades of collective experience that they use to ensure a seamless transition to our solutions.

Fenestrae ensures an easy implementation process that allows our clients to quickly integrate our solutions into their existing systems with minimal disruption. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest developments, so our team is constantly innovating and improving our services to give you the best possible experience.

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Our experts can help you leverage our experience and knowledge to find the perfect technology solution for your business-specific needs. We are committed to optimizing your communication processes and helping you make the most of our robust and reliable faxing solutions.

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