Take full control of your communications infrastructure with Faxination On-Premise.

When it comes to enterprise-grade fax solutions, on-premise technology is among the most reliable and secure methods of business data transmission. With Faxination’s on-premise solution, businesses can have full control over their applications and communications infrastructure while realizing the advantages of a powerful fax server.

The use of an on-premise fax solution also offers increased access control and protection from outside threats that may try to take advantage of exposed data. Businesses that are subject to strict security standards will greatly benefit from an internal system as they can ensure that all of their application data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Thanks to its flexibility and wide range of features, Faxination’s on-premise faxing system provides users with a complete solution for managing their documents quickly and securely. Now, it’s easier than ever for business enterprises of all sizes to transfer business critical data and continue operations without a hitch.

IMPLEMENTING OUR On-Premise Fax Solution

Experience a seamless transition to Faxination’s on-premise solution.

Faxination offers businesses a powerful communication tool that provides a comprehensive set of features to those who wish to deploy a fax server on their own site. The three-tiered layer of host, devices and kernel allows you to configure the server according to your unique business needs. With Faxination’s perpetual licensing, customers can have peace of mind that they are investing in stable and reliable technology.

Our on-premise solution is designed with Microsoft Exchange customers in mind, as it has a native integration with the application. Faxination features an impressive range of features such as least-cost routing, NLB (Network Load Balancing) for handling large amounts of traffic, high availability for optimal uptime, and a robust architecture for maximum security.



Take full advantage of all the features of a leading fax solution while never sacrificing security or control.

On-premise fax solutions offer a range of advantages for businesses that are looking for a secure and reliable way to send and receive faxes. By storing communications within the organization’s internal IT infrastructure, on-premise fax solutions offer an unparalleled level of control over business communications. Here are some of the benefits of having your fax solution owned and managed in-house:

Security & Fraud Prevention

Our faxing solution eliminates the risk of documents being intercepted or fraudulently altered in transit, as all data is stored within the organization’s own servers. This ensures that all fax transmissions remain secure and prevent confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Enforceable by Law

Faxination on-premise provides sent and received confirmations, rendering all documents legally enforceable as a result of these accountability measures. This adds an extra layer of security to ensure that all legal documents such as contracts and agreements remain valid.

Efficient Workflows

Faxination makes it easier for colleagues to work together on projects or share information between departments, as everyone has access to the same documents at any given time. This helps to streamline processes, improve collaboration and reduce paperwork associated with manual filing systems.

Multiple Recipients

Another major benefit of our on-premise solution is that it allows users to send multiple messages simultaneously to multiple recipients using a single transmission - saving both time and resources when sending out large batches of documents.

Reporting & Billing

Organizations can draw reports per user/number and bill out to different departments or divisions within their business if needed - helping them gain better visibility over their usage costs.


Support Types:

The Maintenance & Support Program ensures that organizations have access to the latest Faxination technology with continuous support to ensure optimal performance.

Our consultancy services help organizations to prepare for upgrades, increase the functionality of Faxination products, and advise on how to reduce system administration and support loads.

For customers and partners who are using, installing, developing or selling Faxination solutions. Our team offers both certification and customizable training for all users.

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