Fenestrae’s partner program offers several advantages to enterprise technology companies. Our partner program offers discounts, better pricing, and dedicated training and personnel that provide exclusive support in their area when they are at the distributor level.

We have built our reputation on responding quickly to the challenges of our partners’ customers while providing higher levels of technical and communication support than they could get on their own. Our expertise and knowledge set us apart from similar services, ensuring a high level of success for our partners.


Fenestrae actively co-operates with leading technology and business partners. Thanks to this close contact our software integrates seamlessly with your existing hard and software. Furthermore, it enables us to offer you the benefits of the latest technological developments. Together, we ensure that our solutions are reliable, innovative and tailored to your situation.


AudioCodes is a global leader in providing advanced digital communication solutions and productivity-enhancing tools for the modern workplace. Their IP voice networks allow service providers to develop unified communication systems. They have partnered with Fenestrae to deliver enterprise faxing through the Faxination solution, enabling seamless integration and interoperability between systems.


Canon is a leader in imaging technology, offering advanced solutions for industries worldwide. Its imaging products offer high-quality performance and durability, ensuring reliable results every time. Their enterprise-grade printers and scanners are compatible with Faxination's fax solutions, providing users with quick and efficient document sharing.


Dialogic is one of the leading providers of cloud-optimized solutions for real-time communications, applications, and infrastructure. Their FoIP software integrates with the Dialogic Brooktrout fax board to provide secure, reliable fax transmissions over IP networks. Its partnership with Faxination helps businesses reduce costs, streamline communication processes and increase reliability when sending data over their networks.


HP is a leading hardware and software provider renowned for its enterprise-level technology solutions. Faxination has partnered with HP to provide businesses seamless integration between their products and services. By taking advantage of HP's powerful hardware, Faxination can provide customers with a reliable and up-to-date platform that can meet the demands of any enterprise environment.


IHE is an internationally-recognized, collaborative organization that works to improve how healthcare systems share data. Their initiatives include using standards like HL7 to provide a secure exchange of patient information. Faxination strives to remain compliant with its guidelines.


RICOH's advanced workflows and interoperability capabilities help businesses become more agile and streamline operations. By partnering with Faxination, RICOH also enables organizations to connect different departments better, enhance communication, and ensure secure data exchange across various industries - including healthcare, retail, legal, and financial services.


Sangoma provides businesses with seamless communication solutions. This partnership offers customers access to advanced features such as automatic archiving, integration with external applications, and secure delivery of confidential documents. By partnering, both companies enable businesses of all sizes to stay connected efficiently and securely.

SAP Software

Faxination and SAP have partnered to provide customers with an unbeatable combination of secure document delivery and enterprise application. With our certified SAP connector, fax messaging can be integrated into all versions of SAP, allowing for faster transaction processing and improved customer experience.


Sharp is a world leader in electronics, and our partnership with them will bring unprecedented compatibility to industry-leading devices. Its collaboration with Faxination allows for the seamless exchange of documents between different devices within the same network. This puts us at the forefront of innovation and will enable our customers to have greater efficiency and convenience.


Faxination and Toshiba have partnered to create innovative, cost-saving solutions for the industrial, power, energy, and retail sectors. This partnership offers products, including document management systems, document analysis software, and cloud-based messaging services that help customers maximize efficiency and productivity.


XCAPI and Faxination's partnership provides businesses with reliable and secure voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions that easily integrate with existing telephony networks. This partnership allows companies to benefit from the cost savings of using up-to-date technology without sacrificing functionality and communication reliability.


Xerox offers printer hardware for business enterprises, including scanners and MFP devices that allow for secure and integrated fax with Faxination. Xerox is known for high-quality document printing and supplies.


Our knowledgeable team is always enthusiastic about beginning a brand-new alliance. Contact us today to become a Fenestrae partner and take advantage of our discounts, training, and exceptional support.

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Software Activation