How Faxination Solves Faxing Challenges for Our Customers

Faxination is known around the world for helping companies streamline their communication through faxing. It allows businesses to transform digitally and integrate document flows, empowers staff and meet regulatory requirements for data collection and reporting. Over the years, our customers have used our solution to solve various business problems. Below are a few scenarios of ways they are using Faxination today.

Streamline and Centralize Global Communication

Our customer, Nestle, utilizes centralized Faxination Servers in 3 regions: U.S., Europe, and Asia. In this scenario, each centralized server is in a network load balanced configuration using 2 Kernels with local and remote host and device connectors. Faxination connectors are designed to be installed on the local Kernel or on standalone servers in close network proximity to points of connectivity.

For example, the main Faxination Kernel can be located in California and connectors such as the SAP Host installed in New York where the SAP Servers are located. This allows for a RFC connection between SAP and the SAP Connector. The SAP Connector then connects to the Faxination Kernel using HTTP allowing for greater network tolerances. This also allows for remote Fax over IP software stacks to be installed near voice gateways to allow for local telephony points of presence using SIP and T.38 without having to forward the call long distances increasing chances of call failures.

Nestle also utilizes a large Multifunction Device base in many of their offices to send faxes leveraging their Faxination installation. The devices are configured for lanfax and instead of using local telephone lines the devices deliver scanned jobs to a network share to be processed and faxed via Faxination.

Customer and Employee Communication

Another customer uses Faxination in a unique way to alert workers of changing conditions in and around mines. The slope stability of the mine is monitored via an application the customer uses called Groundprobe. When conditions in and around the mines change and informational alerts are deemed necessary, a print job containing the latest information is sent from the application to the Faxination server utilizing the Faxination Universal Output Connector.

The Faxination Server converts this print job from the Universal Output connector into an SMS message that is then sent to a mobile device attached to the Faxination Mobile Device Connector. The mobile device sends out the SMS alerts to those on site at the mines.

Fax with Faxination

Our customers not only utilize Faxination to assist with everyday communication, but additionally for unique scenarios that they encounter for their business. Our solution can be customized to fulfill the challenges your team faces to ensure your company can meet its goals. Looking for a faxing solution? Talk to our team at Fenestrae to learn how Faxination is right for you.

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