Increase Your Business Productivity with a Powerful Cloud Fax Solution

Cloud-based faxing has revolutionized the way businesses communicate, drastically increasing productivity and revolutionizing processes. With Faxination’s cloud fax solution, companies can make the most of this technology and achieve their communication goals quickly and efficiently. 

This is not your old traditional fax service.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how businesses can fulfill their various faxing requirements with Faxinations Cloud fax solution addressing their key considerations such as increasing business productivity.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Cloud Fax Service 

A cloud-based fax solution can revolutionize the way your business exchanges data. But it’s critical to consider the features and capabilities that can help you streamline your workflows, boost productivity provide business continuity and ultimately, get the most value out of your cloud fax service. 

For these reasons, businesses should search for a reliable and affordable service that offers flexible integration options, scalability, secure transmission, and easy management of documents. To expand, your cloud fax considerations should include the following:

Fax Integrations with Standard Business Applications

Businesses should prioritize cloud fax when integrations with widely used software such as MS Office 365 are required. This ensures a seamless transition from your current mail system while enhancing workflows & productivity allowing for even greater flexibility in fax communications.

Security & Compliance Measures

Security and compliance should be top of mind when selecting a cloud fax service. Look for a solution that meets industry standards like GDPR and PCI, with robust logging to support audit requirements. 

Mobile Messaging Capabilities 

Leveraging mobile messaging capabilities with your cloud fax solution is a no-brainer. With most employees working remotely or traveling the ability to send and receive a fax using their Microsoft O365 account from their mobile devices is invaluable. No fax machine or telephone line required. Combined with features like read receipts and timestamps streamlining fax communications and saving valuable time and resources for your employees and your business. 

Maximize Cloud Fax with Faxination Connectors 

When choosing a cloud fax partner, it’s crucial to consider aspects beyond just sending and receiving faxes from your O365 environment. 

Faxination’s powerful cloud fax solution offers businesses a comprehensive suite of features geared towards current business requirements. 

Connectivity with on-Premise Multifunction devices, (users can send faxes directly from their on-site MFP devices), Connecting with on Premise SAP Servers and on premise shared network folders configured for fax reception. The goal here is for Cloud Fax to help maximize productivity and achieve an organization’s fax communication goals without a tedious and lengthy redesign of their current workflow processes . As a result, businesses can streamline fax communications and accelerate their ROI on their cloud fax solution.

With Faxination’s suite of connectors for on-site devices and applications, business enterprises are assured ease of integration and compliance with industry standards.

Faxination: Maximizing Productivity in the Cloud

Faxination is an easy-to-use cloud fax solution designed to help businesses maximize their productivity but also maximize easy of administration. A customers Fax tenant is accessible from anywhere via the internet with a secure login. 

Allowing for easy of management in the office or on the go. With Features such as:

  • Adding new Fax users, assigning those users new fax numbers.
  • Customization of your company’s fax Cover Sheets
  • Active monitoring of the Fax Queue
  • Logging with search functionality and more. 

Finally, Faxination Cloud offers a powerful fax solution with capabilities and features needed to help businesses stay connected far and wide.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable solution for exchanging critical data or want to simplify your faxing workflow, Faxination is the perfect choice. Contact Fenestrae today to get started.

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