Unpacking The Faxination Onboarding Process

Every onboarding process is unique, but for enterprise fax solutions provider Fenestrae, their customer onboarding process takes the cake. From customizing an onboarding checklist to navigating the cloud and on-premise fax experience, this blog post will unpack all the necessary steps for a successful Faxination implementation. Whether your business is looking for an enterprise-level solution or a small business approach to fax communication, this article will provide insight into how Faxination will get you faxing via their Cloud Fax solution in no time. 

The Onboarding & Implementation Process for Faxination Cloud

Onboarding and implementation of a new fax solution maybe seen as challenging for any organization, regardless of size or scale. Fortunately, Fenestrae provides an uncomplicated and straightforward onboarding process for our cloud fax solution.

The first step for a new Faxination Cloud customer is to ensure they operate using Office 365. Once this prerequisite is met, the organization supplies their key information including their name, administrator’s name, email address, and contact details. Our team then utilizes this information when creating the client’s Faxination Cloud Tenant.

A Faxination Cloud Administrator will then create an account for the organization using the administrator’s details provided. To ensure total security, a TXT record is generated and sent to the new Faxination Cloud Customer’s administrator. From there, the tenant will remain non-Functional until the record has been added and the Faxination Cloud Service verifies the customer’s organization.

The onboarding process for Faxination cloud fax solution is seamless, fast, and secure. Adding this record to their DNS will allow our service to authenticate the organization and complete the onboarding process. Once verified, the organization can begin using the Faxination Cloud service easily, with no heavy lifting required.

Seamless Inbound & Outbound Cloud Faxing 

The onboarding process for Faxination cloud fax solution is meant to be as easy and streamlined as possible. First and foremost, however, assigning fax numbers for inbound fax delivery is an integral part of the onboarding process. Faxination offers three options for assigning fax numbers for inbound fax, such as:

Option 1: 

The Faxination Cloud service has a pool of available numbers, from which the new Faxination Cloud customers can assign inbound Fax numbers to the individual fax recipients’ user accounts on their Faxination Cloud Tenant.

Option 2:

Faxination customers can port their existing fax numbers to the Faxination cloud service. This will require us to port customers whose fax numbers are already in use from their current telco provider to the Faxination cloud fax service.

Option 3:

BYOS, or Bring Your Own SIP. This option allows Faxination customers to directly connect with the Faxination cloud fax service using their existing Telco infrastructure. We limit one SIP connection per tenant.

New Faxination Cloud users should note that the telephony setup will remain unchanged when using BYOS. Fax transmissions will still make use the customer’s on premise telephony equipment. The only difference now being  a SIP connection from the customer’s gateway to the Faxination Cloud service is  utilized for fax transmission . 

Training & Implementation for Cloud Fax with Faxination

A thorough onboarding and training process is critical to successfully adopting cloud fax at your organization. Faxination’s cloud fax service makes the onboarding process quick and painless, with a comprehensive walk-through guide and accessible technical support to assist you every step of the way.

Within minutes, a Faxination Cloud Services Tenant is provisioned. At the same time, customers can take their time adding the TXT record into DNS based on their internal policies and procedures. Once the verification on the Faxination cloud fax service side is successful and customers use numbers from the Faxination cloud fax service pool, the service can be up and running within a day.

The On-Premise Fax Implementation Process

Faxination onboarding process for on-premise fax implementation is ideal for enterprises who want complete control and scalability of their fax infrastructure. With the ability to streamline communication and reduce costs, implementing an on-premise fax system can improve enterprise workflows and productivity.

To help ensure a smooth implementation process, the Faxination team works closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and determine the best course of action for integrating this technology within their infrastructure. To facilitate successful implementation, we engage your business’s necessary departments, including Networking and Messaging team, Telephony, and Domain services team. 

One of the key benefits of on-premise fax implementation with the Faxination solution is the ability to customize the implementation to fit your organization’s specific needs. From providing specifications for virtual server hosting to ensuring proper credential requirements, the Faxination team works to offer a tailor-made solution to meet the demands of each unique customer.

Plus, with regular communication and email correspondence, the customer remains informed and up-to-date throughout the implementation process. With the installation date set and an assigned administrator to assist with any questions, on-premise fax implementation with Faxination is a cost-effective, efficient solution that can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Training with Faxination On-Premise

Implementing an on-premise fax solution with Faxination involves engaging the designated administrators of the solution and training them accordingly. As the installation is performed, the administrators responsible for the fax solution will be trained on the unboxing of the application, installation, configuration, and testing.

Not only will your fax administrator be provided with an extensive overview of how the application is deployed and rooted within the organization, but they will also benefit from a hands-on approach. Alternatively, we provide a typical classroom training scenario, giving a walk-through of the solution through screenshots, presentations, and PDF guides for alternate fax administrators.

Once Faxination is installed and fully operational, our team will conduct a final Fenestrae Server Administrators Console GUI walk-through. This walk-through will involve explanations of the various application levels, management components, and diagnostic tools, at which point the fax administrators are encouraged to ask any questions they may have.

Timeline for Implementation of Faxination On-Premise

A standard implementation timeline for Faxination on-premise can take around 2 – 4 hours for a server hosting an Exchange and SMTP connector and a single SIP Fax device installation. Though, when the Faxination server begins to interact with various messaging components like Exchange, SMTP, Office 365, and the Telephony environment, the implementation may require additional time to assist with configuring those connections.

Our team at Fenestrae understands that no two fax environments are the same, whether from an architectural standpoint or a customer’s internal policies and procedures. As such, these components add varying levels of complexity resulting in a lengthier implementation timeline. Regardless of the timeline, we strive to ensure that the customer is informed and up-to-date throughout the process.

Faxination by Fenestrae: Offering Comprehensive On-Premise Fax Solution

Given the prevalence of fax in business communications and its critical role in document exchange, ascertaining the secure and reliable delivery of fax messages is essential. As such, a successful onboarding and implementation process is needed to secure the longevity of your fax solution. Moreover, our support team strives to get Faxination up and running in your organization with minimal disruption – offering guidance and support every step of the way.

Contact Fenestrae to learn more about how Faxination Cloud and On-premise can help you keep your faxing up and running securely and reliably.

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