Cloud Faxing with Fenestrae: Solving Common Business Communication Issues

It’s no secret that enterprise communications are essential for the success of any business. However, enterprise communications can often be hindered by a number of factors including human error, delayed communication, as well as misplaced or lost documents. This can lead to all sorts of problems for businesses, including compliance issues, interrupted workflows, and a loss of time and money. In this blog post, we will discuss how Fenestrae’s enterprise cloud faxing solution solves some of the most common communication issues faced by businesses.

Common Communication Errors in Business: What’s to Blame?

There are a few primary culprits when it comes to enterprise communication breakdowns. Human error can play a role in disrupting communication in enterprise settings. This can lead to complications like misdirected faxes, unreturned phone calls, and even lost or misplaced documents (which is a problem all on its own). Delayed communication is another common issue that impacts ongoing business. When enterprise faxes or other communications are delayed, it can cause a ripple effect of problems. This can include compliance issues if certain documents need to be submitted at a certain time.

Further, lost and misplaced documents are a communication issue that can cause enterprise businesses big problems. When documents are lost, it can result in wasted time and money spent on retrieving these documents, and it can even lead to data protection and security issues. With all of this mind, how can enterprise businesses overcome these common communication problems and continue to operate smoothly and efficiently?

Solving Communication Breakdowns With Enterprise Faxing Solutions

An effective way to resolve common communication issues that plague enterprises is to invest in an enterprise fax solution like Fenestrae. Our cloud faxing solution enables businesses to send and receive faxes quickly and securely, without the need for a physical fax machine. While there are many advantages associated with cloud-faxing in and of itself, it’s worth discussing how it can help to solve specific communication issues that occur in enterprise settings.

Human Error

When it comes to human error and enterprise communications, cloud faxing can help to mitigate this problem through automated routing. This reduces the need for manual processes, meaning less human intervention altogether. This can be achieved through various means, including routing codes, multi-function peripheral device connectors, Inbound Directory Connectors, and much more.

Delayed Communication

Fenestrae’s faxing solutions can also help to solve enterprise communication issues related to delayed communication. This can occur due to a number of reasons, including busy fax lines, incorrect recipient information, and even failed transmissions. With our cloud faxing or on-premise solutions, enterprises are enabled to send multiple documents instantaneously. Just as you would send an email with multiple attachments, Fenestrae does just that by attaching multiple files to fax.

Misplaced or Lost Documentation

Enterprise businesses can also leverage Fenestrae’s cloud faxing solution to help reduce the chances of losing or misplacing documents. Unlike a traditional fax machine, enterprise fax solutions allow for faxes to be sent and received directly to and from your PC. Moreover, enterprises can also leverage faxing technology to send and receive documents between colleagues, which ensure that documents have been edited. This can be used to prevent fraud in specific industries. From the enterprise perspective, all transaction details for faxes sent and received are stored on the server.

Transform Business Communications with Fenestrae’s Cloud Faxing Solutions

In today’s digital age, faxing is still an important form of communication for businesses. However, the traditional process of faxing can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Fenestrae offers a comprehensive cloud faxing solution that improves communication flows for businesses by eliminating common issues such as mistakes, delays, and misplaced documents. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cloud faxing solutions and how they can benefit your business enterprise.

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