Employee Spotlight: Meet Diane

Where are you from?

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but emigrated to Europe and now live in Cascais, Portugal.

Tell us about your role at Fenestrae

I started working at Fenestrae early 2022, just prior to the Dura acquisition. However, I have been involved with Fenestrae since 1998. I was appointed the distributor for Africa for Fenestrae. In 2020 I sold my company of 21 years, and moved to Europe, Fenestrae approached me and the rest is history as they say. Today, I manage our top customers and all new sales.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I enjoy the chase of sales, and even more so love to create relationships with people. Having this position, I am able to meet new people daily and also get to work with each of my colleagues closely, building solutions and thinking out of the box.

What are some of your best skills?

My best skills are definitely listening and relationship building.  I was always a quiet child, and as such did more listening than talking. I think this has been to my benefit in that I have learned a lot from others by listening. I am also very good with forming relationships, and maintaining them. Even in my personal life, I try to keep in touch with my childhood friends weekly, and some of them even daily, which carries over into my worklife. 

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

When I am not working, my time is devoted to my son of 4. He is the light of my life and we laugh constantly.

I love driving, and by default traveling. I used to do motor racing in my earlier days as a hobby. I am passionate about cars of all shapes and sizes, flat 4 engines through to v8’s. I have been fortunate to travel most of the world, including most of the world’s wonders, seeing the beauty of Machu Picchu; Angkor Wat; The Pyramids of Egypt; The Great Wall of China; the ancient cart tracks in Malta; and many more down to exploring the oceans below with more than 60 dives. I enjoy construction and have for the most part of my life built new homes as a hobby. Life is to be lived, and I believe that if you have the urge to do something; you should do it, without hesitation!

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