Fenestrae: Innovators of Faxing Communications Software

For well over 30 years, Fenestrae has developed cutting edge solutions for faxing communications software. Over the years, our technology has advanced significantly to keep up with the pace of a constantly evolving technological landscape. Our initial product, Faxination, helped set the standard for fax products that we continue to improve and develop upon today. Fenestrae’s unique technology has been implemented across countless systems. With a dedicated team of diverse and experienced individuals, Fenestrae is not only set apart by our services but also by our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Our Global Team of Faxing Experts

Fenestrae has always been, and continues to be a company with an international allure. Our team members hail from all corners of the globe, including the Netherlands, USA, Portugal, as well as covering all time zones for sales and support. In addition to a globally diverse team, we also have a mature development process and team utilizing agile methodologies and robust Q/A testing prior to production releases to ensure top tier quality across the board.

Our team’s longevity and expertise in the faxing industry is unrivaled, with many of our employees having stuck with Fenestrae for over 30 years. Our team is passionate about collaborating with each other to simplify business communications for our customers. Our wide breadth of knowledge of fax environments and enterprise solutions is what sets us apart from the competition, and this expertise allows us to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our company culture champions diversity and great customer outcomes in the faxing communications space. We pride ourselves on making continuous improvements to our technology, while providing standard and unique solutions to our customer’s business challenges. Offering a distinguished set of technical and sales expertise, Fenestrae places a great emphasis on talent and teamwork. Our core values rest on excellent customer service and moral ethics, two areas we continue to excel in.

How Fenestrae Continues to Evolve Alongside Ever Changing Technologies

Today, Faxination has grown from a single product into a whole product line in which Fenestrae has obtained a unique place in the communications segment of the IT market. As a result, Fenestrae has continued to grow and innovate despite changing needs of the core industries we serve. We strive to keep up with the demands of a market in constant fluctuation, while continuing to assess and stay on top of new methods that our customers desire to communicate with.

Having evolved from providing on-premise faxing solutions to comprehensive cloud-faxing, we aim to keep up with the rapid pace of changing faxing technology. Moreover, as Microsoft has evolved, we’ve also adapted to scale our technology by continuing to develop APIs to allow multiple products to interact with our fax solution and push and pull data as needed.

Our hard work has resulted in us hitting major milestones throughout the years, including earning the trust of financial institutions with mission critical needs that operate using our software. Outcomes in the healthcare and legal spheres are a result of our products, giving us a sense of accomplishment and drive to keep innovating our technology.

A Glimpse into the Future of Fenestrae

Fenestrae has always looked to the future with great optimism and ambition. As we continue to support our on premise, private cloud, and public cloud customers, we place a focus on transforming business communications and innovating our fax software. Fenestrae’s aims to grow our team, customer base, and partnerships on a global scale, all while providing the same level of dedication and excellence that we are known for.

Fenestrae seeks to provide the optimal solution for our customers while supporting that solution with a strong team of driven individuals.. We are constantly looking for new ways to elevate our faxing technology and better serve our customers. As we move forward, Fenestrae will continue to be a steadfast innovator in faxing communications software.

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