Fenestrae’s MFP Connector: Intelligent Document Digitization and Processing

In a world that is hyper-focused on reducing paper and our overall carbon footprint, businesses need to find efficient and intelligent ways to digitize their documents. Fenestrae’s MFP Connector is the perfect solution for businesses who want to intelligently process paper documents. This connector allows you to route documents directly to your SharePoint document library, mailbox, SAP, or any other business application or workflow. In this blog post, we will discuss when you should use an MFP Connector as well as the benefits associated with it.

When Should You Use an MFP Connector?

For businesses who want to improve their workflows and increase efficiency, the MFP Connector is the ultimate digital faxing solution. You may be wondering, however, how exactly can this device transform my business processes? To start, as an integral piece of Fenestrae’s digital business platform, extending your MFP with Faxination will enable the digitization and processing of business documents. So, when should a business leverage this technology?

If your business desires to improve the return on your existing investment, improve documentation workflows by scanning and faxing them, or centralize your documents, Fenestrae’s MFP Connector should be your solution of choice. By extending an MFP with Faxination, businesses can send and receive faxes without the added expense of proprietary fax lines, hardware, as well as dedicated telephony lines. Further, this eliminates the need for telco contracts for businesses with VoIP telephony systems, saving you more money in the long run.

In essence, a Faxination extension to your MFP will contribute to a better optimized infrastructure, and ultimately reduce your cost and increase your value.

The Next Generation of Secure Enterprise Faxing

In addition to the cost-savings and environmental benefits, the MFP Connector simplifies processes while maintaining the security benefits you need to transmit sensitive data. No longer will you have to wait at the device for a confirmed connection or notification that your fax has been delivered, because Faxination simply faxes from the MFP and users will receive notifications via email. With our comprehensive security measures contributing to total compliance, enterprises can leverage the MFP Connector with ease and peace of mind.

To expand on this, one of the common challenges organizations may struggle with is user authentication and control of information that is being transmitted. With the Faxination functionality on your MFP connector, however, common security weaknesses associated with user authentication are effectively removed. This is because administrators are enabled to control user access and faxing privileges. Moreover, Faxination also logs and archives faxing messages for extensive monitoring. With this capability, businesses can effectively control and track their information, as well as ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Why Invest in Digital Faxing Solutions with Fenestrae?

The MFP connector from Fenestrae is the perfect way to streamline your workflows and optimize your document management. Plus, our solution allows businesses to get the most out of their existing investment while centralizing all of their documents in one place. Our connector is designed with security and ease of use in mind, making it the perfect choice for any business enterprise.

Contact us today to learn more about how our MFP connectors can help you take your faxing solution to the next level.

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