On-Prem Fax Connectors

Faxing has remained one of the most powerful forms of communication for decades. With on-prem faxing solutions, there are many connectors that organizations want to utilize to send information to their teams and customers. There are connectors that increase functionality through mobile devices, online platforms and more. Working with a partner that offers various connector options will help your organization save time, increase productivity and improve efficiency. In this blog, we highlight the array of connectors that we offer today at Fenestrae and the functionality of each.

The Importance of Connectors

By adding connectors to your on premises fax solution, your business can capitalize on its current investments, thereby increasing ROI on both fax installation as well as other applications. Connectors can create secure documents between applications to prevent fraud and comply with various industry standards in doing so. Connectors allow you to create secure document management using fax technology, both internally, externally and between applications. Another huge benefit is allowing customers to create workflow, streamlining processes and productivity.

Our Faxination On-Prem Connectors

Faxination MFP Connector
Send outbound faxes from multi-functional (all-in-one) devices or scan directly to other Faxination host recipients

Faxination MS Exchange Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages via Microsoft Exchange

Faxination MS SharePoint Connector

Assign inbound routing codes to SharePoint Document Libraries

Faxination Print Connector

Assign inbound routing codes to shared network printers via the UNC path

Faxination REST Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages programmatically via a RESTful interface

Faxination SAP Connector

Send and receive faxes through SAP Office

Faxination Universal Output Connector

Send fax and mobile messages by printing to a virtual network printer

Faxination Web Service Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages programmatically via web services

SMTP Connector

Provides users with the ability to send and receive fax and SMS messages through Faxination using the standard SMTP protocol

Inbound Directory Connector

Inbound routing of faxes to an internal network folder.

SMS-C Connector Corporate

Send and receive mobile messages with a direct connection to your mobile provider.

“Connect” with Faxination by Fenestrae

Connectors can make a huge difference for not only your business, but everyone you work with. If you are currently using a connector and have questions, want to install one of these connectors or have questions about which connector is a fit for your organization, we would love to help. Fenestrae has been around for more than 30 years, working with companies to improve their communication through faxing. Contact us to learn more.

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