The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Faxing

Faxination is a cloud-based fax platform that offers many benefits to businesses. By integrating with email, fax, and paper documents, Faxination helps companies unify their document flows and improve efficiency. Faxination’s cloud-based fax services come complete with full integration of existing systems and processes as well as 360 degree capture of documents while remaining maintenance free. As a reliable and secure cloud-based platform, Faxination is a safe investment for businesses enterprises. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five benefits of using Faxination for your enterprise.

Transforming Enterprises One Fax at a Time

Traditional faxing can be a pain – it’s often slow, cumbersome, and can take up valuable time and resources. Cloud faxing, on the other hand, provides enterprises with many benefits that are essential for businesses in today’s age. By digitizing business communications, businesses can integrate all document flows with connected systems, enabling employees to access and exchange information while meeting strict regulatory standards. Ultimately, cloud faxing solutions provide far more flexibility for businesses while also being more reliable and secure.

With Faxination, the advantages are even more clear. Offering a wide range of benefits, Faxination ‘s cloud faxing solution is unrivaled in the enterprise space. Let’s take a closer look at the top five benefits of Faxination:

  1. Improved efficiency and orderliness: By integrating with email, fax, and paper documents, Faxination helps companies unify their document flows and improve efficiency.
  2. Reduced costs: Faxination’s cloud-based fax services reduce costs in a number of ways, though most notably by negating the need for a physical fax machine. With cloud faxing, businesses can eliminate costly hardware, improve document workflows, eliminate complexity, and reduce human error.
  3. Faxination offers a helping hand: With our certified technicians administering your business’s cloud faxing system, your business’s administrator’s are freed up to complete other tasks. This leads to even further cost savings in time and expertise.
  4. Cloud Admin Portal: Faxination’s cloud admin portal allows businesses to manage their users internally, while giving them the ability to give different permission levels to admins in order to achieve certain tasks. What’s more is once you’re integrated onto Faxination’s cloud portal, your business can enjoy instant access.
  5. Constant developments and improvements: Faxination’s cloud offering includes our enterprise faxing solution as its backend, which enables us to develop multiple connection types to our cloud solution. With this, businesses have a solution that can grow their applications with the business as well as with their internal division requirements.

Why Faxination with Fenestrae?

Transform your business communications through improved document workflows, better management of users, and take advantage of our unique admin portal specifically designed for enterprises. With constant improvements to our system, Faxination grows alongside your business, while offering the support you need.

If you’re looking for a fax solution that can save your business time and money, Faxination with Fenestrae is the answer. At Fenestrae, we understand that faxing is still an important piece of communication for many businesses. This is why we offer Faxination, as this service provides all the benefits of faxing complete with a comprehensive cloud solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how Faxination can benefit your enterprise organization.

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