Why Faxing is More Secure Than Email: Exploring the Superiority of Fax Communication

In an age where information security is paramount, selecting the right tool for sharing data is a critical decision for businesses in sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal services. Despite the widespread use of email, many enterprises still rely on traditional fax machines or secure cloud faxing services for their most sensitive communications. Faxing is considered superior across industries due to its enhanced security measures, even as email remains the dominant mode of communication in the digital era.

Here, we aim to illuminate the security benefits of faxing compared to email. Our goal is to educate enterprise leaders on data transfer practices that emphasize security. If you work in a field where data privacy and secure transmission are vital, this post is tailored to your needs.

Cloud Faxing Solutions Vs. On-Premise Faxing

Before we tackle the security advantages of fax, we need to address the elephant in the room: the perception that fax is outdated. Modern cloud-based fax solutions have revitalized this workhorse technology, enabling encrypted electronic document transmission that mitigates the risks usually associated with traditional faxing.

Alternatively, businesses choosing on-premise faxing benefit from strong security measures and fraud prevention. This approach eradicates the chance of document interception or unauthorized alteration during transmission, as all data resides on the company’s servers. This ensures full control and reduces reliance on third-party participation in handling sensitive information. 

3 Reasons Why Faxing Is Superior for Secure Communication


Secure faxing offers superior security compared to email primarily due to its legal validity. In sectors like healthcare and law, strict regulations govern how sensitive information is handled and transmitted. Fax has established a strong legal precedent for data transmission, especially concerning signatures or delivery notifications, an advantage that email lacks. 

Higher Level of Encryption

Email has evolved into one of the primary targets for cyberattacks, with email malware attacks increasing by 600% in comparison to 2019, as reported by the cybersecurity publication CSO. Modern secure fax services offer encryption that surpasses standard email encryption protocols. Cloud faxing and on-premise solutions often use end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data is secure from the moment it leaves your system until it reaches its intended recipient. It is vital for sectors that deal with highly confidential data regularly. 


Compliance with standards such as HIPAA (for healthcare) or GDPR (for data protection) is a non-negotiable aspect of business for many. Secure fax solutions are built with these regulations in mind, offering features that include audit trails, which can track the history of a document’s transmission and access controls. For organizations bound by industry-specific compliance policies, leveraging fax for its security and traceability features provides a notable edge.

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In cases where data privacy is of utmost importance, the use of modern fax solutions can provide significant security advantages while also seamlessly integrating with your current communication systems.

Fenestrae provides secure faxing solutions for businesses with cloud and on-premise options. It features a variety of customizable tools to suit different needs. Whether it’s secure document sending or compliance solutions, Fenestrae’s services will ensure your critical data remains confidential and your transmission secure.

Take action to secure your information today rather than waiting for a security breach. Schedule a call with our experts to learn how we can elevate your data transmission security to the next level. 

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