Departmental Faxing: How Fax Touches All Corners of Business

For decades, faxing solutions have played a vital role in business communication. The use of fax extends across multiple departments, emphasizing its significance in maintaining document security and streamlining business processes. In this blog, we will delve into the far-reaching impact of faxing in various areas of business and explore the benefits it brings to different departments.

All the Departments That Can Leverage Fax Solutions

Faxing solutions can be a valuable communication tool for various departments within a company. While the extent of usage may vary across departments, there are several areas where fax solutions can prove particularly beneficial. Here is a comprehensive list of departments that can leverage faxing solutions:

Sales Departments: Sales teams can fax quotes and purchase orders. 

Finance: Finance can use fax for invoice and statement exchanges. 

Procurement: Users can exchange tender and award notifications. 

Mortgage & Loan Departments: This department can use fax to exchange application forms and approval notifications. 

Marketing: Users can perform bulk faxing to customers.

HR department: HR personnel can use fax to sensitive documents like ID documents, personal information, terminations, and CV exchanges. 

Travel departments: Fax users can handle and exchange travel itineraries and booking confirmations. 

Legal: Legal personnel can fax all legal document exchanges to align with security and compliance obligations.

A Customer Scenario Where We Have Different Departments Using Our Faxing Solution

Let’s take an example to understand how different departments can benefit from faxing solutions. A defense force uses our cloud solution for secure faxing from various departments, as all faxing needs to be secure in their environment. With our faxing solution, they receive notification of the faxes being sent directly into their email inbox, can send multiple faxes in one email to multiple recipients, and avoid any lost and misplaced faxes. Enhanced security measures ensure all communication is protected and only authorized personnel have access to it.

How All Departments Can Benefit from Faxing Solutions

Faxing has unique advantages that email or other digital communication channels cannot match. With faxing solutions, departments can receive notification of the faxes being sent directly into their email inbox, providing a digital record of the communication. Faxes can also be sent to multiple recipients in one email, saving time and effort. Additionally, faxing solutions avoid the risk of lost and misplaced faxes that are common with traditional fax machines and enhance security measures to ensure confidentiality and compliance obligations.

How Fax Systems Help with Interdepartmental Communication

Faxing systems help different departments communicate effectively and efficiently. By using fax connectors like the network folder connector, departments can allocate network folders for other departments to have access to documents shared across multiple users. This ensures all departments have access to the necessary information and documents, making interdepartmental communication seamless. Also, to avoid fraud, faxing can be used as a method of distributing sensitive documents internally without users being able to tamper with them.

Contact Fenestrae & Transform Departmental Communication with Faxination

Faxing remains an essential tool for communicating within and between departments in businesses. Most departments in a company can leverage faxing solutions, and it has many benefits, including efficient communication and enhanced security. If your business is not already using faxing solutions, it’s time to consider integrating this tool into your business communication strategy. Faxination offers a wide range of faxing solutions that can be customized to serve your business’s operational needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our faxing solutions from Faxination, and how it can benefit all your business departments. 

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