Fax Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all sizes require a reliable and scalable fax solution to streamline communications and increase operational efficiency. 

Faxination cloud offers the best cloud platform scaling from small businesses to corporations, from single users to mid-sized businesses and even enterprise private cloud offerings. This post will explore how Faxination can transform your workflows regardless of your business size.

Faxing for Small Business

When choosing a fax service, small businesses need something affordable, flexible, and easy to use. Faxination’s cloud fax offering is the best fax service for small businesses, as it requires no infrastructure to maintain, making it an ideal choice for those without internal IT departments.

One example of a small entity benefiting from our cloud fax service is a small government council we work with. They utilize Faxination Cloud for inbound faxing, and we are currently working with them to determine if they can eliminate their fax machines and use Faxination Cloud for outbound faxing as well.

Our cloud fax service for small business integrates with Office 365, meaning users can send a fax through Outlook 365 just as quickly as they would send an email. As a result, small businesses streamline their communication process while securing important information in transit and saving time.

Faxing for Mid-Sized Business

Regarding communication needs, mid-sized businesses can fall in the gap between the recognized categories for small and large enterprises. These businesses generate between $10 – $1 billion in annual revenue, which is a significant gap. So, they need a scalable, fax solution to grow with them as their operations expand.

An example of our fax solution in action would be a business we work with that is notable in the telecommunication sphere. Offering fax services to its customers, this company bases its service on the Faxination on-premise solution. Faxination allows them to empower their customers with a more reliable service and benefit from reduced operating costs while turning a profit.

Fenestrae has been an industry leader in fax software for over 30 years, offering cloud and on-premise solutions that can scale as your mid-size business grows. Our extensive experience working across a wide range of industries means we are well-positioned to offer your mid-sized business the best fax solution to meet your communication needs.

Faxing for Large Enterprises

Enterprise-level businesses often need a secure, impenetrable fax solution where they have control over its communication infrastructure. Faxination on-premise solution is a top-tier application designed for just that. It seamlessly integrates with Active Directory and offers NLB support, numerous connectors, a range of fax device options, and mobile messaging support. Moreover, Fenestrae’s Faxination solution provides 24/7 global support, ideal for businesses operating on a global scale.


One of the enterprise businesses working with Fenestrae and using Faxination is a major conglomerate that owns multiple leading market brands. This business utilizes a high availability NLB Faxination environment to send and receive purchase orders across the globe via FoIP. In turn, they benefit from improved operational efficiency, secure document transmissions, and a dedicated support team whenever needed.

Faxination: Comprehensive Faxing Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Regardless of size or revenue, businesses need secure and dependable fax solutions to accommodate their specific communication needs. Faxination offers both cloud-based, on-premise, and custom fax solutions for small business, mid-size operations, or large enterprises. Our decades of experience offering tailored solutions for various industries combined with our top-tier support team enables us to provide the best fax service for any size business.

To learn more about the Faxination solutions we offer, contact us today and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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