Enabling Secure Document Capture with a 360-Degree Fax Solution

Today’s modern business landscape has necessitated secure document capture and management. For this reason, many companies are turning to a 360-degree fax solution that allows them to manage critical confidential documentation. By implementing document digitization and processing, businesses can streamline their workflow and reduce the risk of data breaches.

However, choosing the best fax solution can be a project all on its own. It is essential to consider advanced features such as fax messaging and virtual storage while maintaining user-friendliness. Companies must also ensure the solution integrates seamlessly with their existing systems and workflows. This post will discuss the main features your fax solution should contain to achieve 360 capture of business-critical information. 

Your Fax Solution Should Contain These Document Management Functionalities

Businesses need a comprehensive solution that fits their unique needs and enables efficient document management. Equally important, companies should pay attention to their fax solution’s various functionalities and how these tools can be used to accomplish business-critical objectives. Some of these functionalities include:

Email Attachment Processing

An efficient “Mailbox connector” can quickly capture and process emailed attachments such as invoices, orders, and sales inquiries and deliver them to a shared network folder for example enabling businesses to streamline their operations. This provides customers with the ability to initiate automated workflows, utilizing email filtering rule with added security. A fax solution can enhance productivity, minimize errors, and improve communication within the organization, enhancing Cloud and on-Premises document management processes.

SMS Messaging

With the SMS connector option, users can send personalized or bulk SMS messages from their Outlook or any standard business application. This enables more accessible communication with customers and clients, as appointment reminders can be automated, and transactions can be confirmed through the platform. With a fax messaging feature, compliance with regulatory requirements is easier to achieve, streamlining operations while reducing costs

Common Business Application Integration

Integrating your fax solution with everyday business applications such as SAP and Sharepoint allows for the automatic retrieval of incoming faxes and effortless processing of outgoing messages, allowing employees to focus on business-critical tasks. A robust fax solution with enterprise-grade integrations can be valuable in optimizing your organization’s communication pathways.

Centralized Shared Network Folder 

Your fax solution should have a centralized shared network folder allowing users to gain easy and efficient access, storage, and documentation processing using an inbound directory connector. This feature will enable users to conveniently share and retrieve files across different applications, saving time and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, the centralized folder promotes better document organization and minimizes the risks of lost or misplaced files. 

Faxination: Providing Full Capture of Mission Critical Documents 

Faxination is a robust enterprise fax solution that allows businesses to capture and manage documents while saving time and money securely. Our 360-degree fax solution offers security and compliance features, storage capabilities, enterprise-grade application integration, a centralized shared network folder, and more. With advanced tools such as Email Attachment Processing and Fax Messaging, companies can continue ongoing operations confidently and efficiently. 

Contact our team at Fenestrae today to discuss how Faxination can help your business easily capture and manage mission-critical documents.

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