Unlock Fax Workflows with Faxination’s Inbound Directory Connector

Businesses heavily rely on faxes for secure and reliable information exchange with customers and partners. To send and receive faxes efficiently, you need a reliable fax solution to simplify your existing workflows. Faxination’s Inbound Directory Connector does precisely that – a powerful fax solution that simplifies fax workflows and provides a centralized repository for inbound fax. This post will discuss the Inbound Directory Connector in more detail and show how it can help streamline your business processes. We’ll also share a use case that the team at Fenestrae has worked with before.

What is an Inbound Directory Connector?

An Inbound Directory Connector (IDC) is a software solution that enables customers to route incoming faxes directly to a designated internal network folder. This process works by having the fax enter the Faxination Server, which looks up the network folder associated with that particular fax number and transfers it to that folder.

Providing access to multiple users allows efficient information exchange and storage in one convenient location. It’s an ideal solution for companies wanting to keep their communication centralized with secure access for all authorized personnel.

Simplifying Fax Workflows Through IDC

Faxination’s inbound directory connector acts as an entry point into an organization’s fax server. It allows multiple users to easily access and manage the same fax repository from different locations. The connector is integrated with the on-premise server or cloud via a remote device, allowing quick and secure document access. This helps organizations save time and resources when managing their faxes.

A particular use case for this fax solution involves one of Fenestrae’s valued Faxination customers. They required inbound faxes to specific numbers to be routed to a custom application as part of their established workflow process. Faxination’s Inbound Directory Connector was used to create these inbound faxes to a drop folder on the network monitored by the customer’s application.

Because the monitoring application has very stringent formatting requirements for inbound fax files, the Fenestrae team needed to address these requirements through significant modifications to the Faxination Inbound Directory Connector. Now, once a new fax is detected, the file(s) are automatically removed from the drop folder by the application and added to the workflow. Our team successfully deployed these modifications in this environment via software patches provided by Fenestrae.

Faxination: Streamlined Faxing Solutions for Business Enterprises

Faxination’s Inbound Directory Connector is a robust and secure fax solution for businesses that need to manage their inbound fax communication more efficiently while improving existing workflows. By providing centralized storage for incoming faxes, Faxination enables access to multiple users to the same fax. As a result, organizations benefit from easy access, management, and sharing of documents securely in one place.

Fenestrae offers unrivaled expertise in providing comprehensive fax solutions to our valued customers and partners. Contact us today to discuss how our Faxination Inbound Directory Connector can help streamline your business processes.

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