Faxing in the Digital Age: The Essential Features of On-Premise and Cloud Fax

With the digital age ushering in many new ways of communication, business enterprises are faced with a critical decision: stick to traditional enterprise fax solutions, or take advantage of the latest cloud fax technology? To tackle this dilemma, it’s essential to understand the benefits of both on-premise and cloud fax solutions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why enterprises still rely on faxing and explore the key features to consider when deciding between on-premise and cloud fax for your business.

Why Do Business Enterprises Still Send Faxes in 2023? 

Despite living in a digital age with modern communication tools, businesses still rely on the humble fax machine in 2023. One of the primary advantages of faxing is its standardized protocol, which ensures interoperability between different fax devices. Even if you have been using your fax infrastructure for years, you can be confident that it will communicate with a fax machine in another organization. 

Another reason why businesses still send faxes is international business communication. Countries such as Japan and Germany rely heavily on faxes for communication, making it necessary for companies that engage in international trade. Faxes are also highly secure in cloud and on-premise environments, with their signals more difficult to intercept. Thus, they help ensure data privacy and compliance with various regulatory environments. 

Finally, faxes offer auditing features that make tracking sent and received documents easier. These features are a boon to businesses that need to remain compliant while retaining important records. Given all these advantages, it should come as no surprise fax technology continues to be an essential component of business communication infrastructure.

Top Features of Cloud Fax with Faxination

Cloud fax is quickly becoming the new standard for enterprise communication, and Fenestrae’s Faxination is at the forefront of this technology. With features that allow for greater flexibility and reduced maintenance and costs, Faxination offers end users a comprehensive solution to suit the needs of any business enterprise. Here’s an overview of the top cloud fax features and the associated benefits one can expect from Faxination:

Reduction in Internal IT Staff 

With a reduced need for labor and resources, businesses can realize more significant cost savings with cloud fax. 

99.9% Uptime 

Cloud fax is highly stable and reliable, allowing for business continuity. 

No Internal Fax Infrastructure Required 

Faxing with the cloud also means businesses can avoid costly infrastructure, upgrades or maintenance costs.

Top Features of On-Premise Fax with Faxination 

Despite cloud fax becoming more popular, on-premise fax is still the preferred option for businesses requiring a more tightly-controlled communications environment. That’s why Faxination offers enterprises a comprehensive on-premise fax solution with all the features necessary for secure and reliable information exchange. Here are some of the main Faxination features of on-premise fax: 

Network Load Balancing (NLB)

By purchasing Faxination’s enterprise edition, businesses can use NLB’s guaranteed uptime and stability.

Least Cost Routing 

Least cost routing allows for cost savings, which can be accomplished by adding more than one fax server.

Faxination: Offering Unparalleled On-Premise & Cloud Fax Solutions 

Faxination is the perfect choice for businesses looking to maximize their faxing capabilities in a reliable and secure environment. Offering comprehensive cloud or on-premise solutions, Faxination is the ideal fax partner for enterprises that aim to stay ahead of the enterprise communication curve.

Contact our team at Fenestrae to learn more about our cloud and on-premise solutions to ensure the utmost security for your enterprise communications environment.

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