How Faculty in Higher Education Can Leverage Secure Fax

Students and faculty share considerable amounts of information within higher education settings. This information exchange ensures that students can continue achieving their goals in the professional world. However, much of this information is confidential and requires added security measures to protect students and maintain compliance with standards like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Here, we’ll explore the various benefits of fax solutions and how school faculty can ensure secure communications through fax. 

How Higher Education Institutions Can Leverage Fax

Simultaneously sending and receiving large quantities of faxes is one of the most significant benefits of using fax solutions for educational institutions. Schools may use faxing to send academic records and disclosures like transcripts, certificates or diplomas, insurance forms, applications, records requests, financial information, and more. 

Faxing is by far a more secure method of communication in comparison to email or other unencrypted means of communication.  Additionally, secure fax solutions maintain detailed records and audit trails for all sent and received faxes, providing an easily accessible and searchable database of information. 

The Benefits of Secure Fax in Higher Education

Universities can realize a wealth of benefits from using secure faxes. This includes:

  • Protect confidential information
  • Remain compliant with standards like FERPA
  • Reduce overhead costs with online fax solutions
  • Streamline the process of sending and receiving records
  • Reduced labor for IT departments when performing maintenance or troubleshooting.

The Different Fax Solutions for Educational Institutions

Universities will need to consider opting for an on-premise or cloud-based solution for their fax communications. In some countries, an on-premise solution is required due to telephony restrictions. For the most part, however, cloud-based solutions are often used due to their scalability and lower cost. The choice between the two depends on the institution’s fax budget, the quantity of fax pages sent and received, and the availability of fax lines needed. 

How Secure Fax Solutions Improve Workflow Efficiency in Higher Education

For universities, secure fax solutions can improve workflow efficiency in several ways:

  • Online faxes can be sent via email from any internet-connected device, enabling users to send and receive faxes on-the-go
  • Secure fax solutions maintain detailed records and audit trails for sent and received faxes, providing an easily accessible and searchable database.
  • Multiple users can access the same fax solution simultaneously, allowing quicker collaboration and decision-making processes.
  • Secure fax solutions can integrate with other systems used by universities, such as electronic medical record systems or student information systems, streamlining the flow of information between departments.

How Fenestrae is Growing Our Higher Education Customer Base

Fenestrae constantly seeks new opportunities to provide our secure fax solutions to educational institutions. Our goal is to work with universities to provide solutions to assist customers looking for a new fax solution or to replace one they currently have.

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