On-Premise Faxing: A Highly Secure and Flexible Option for Document Exchange

On-premise faxing remains a highly secure and flexible way to exchange critical business documents. While cloud faxing has become popular in recent years, on-premise faxing offers unique benefits to businesses with hyper specific needs. Faxination by Fenestrae provides a wide array of features and advantages for businesses who need flexibility in their infrastructure, security, and systems. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what on-premise faxing is and why it’s still the best option for document exchange in a variety of business enterprises.

On-Premise Faxing: What Is It?

Faxing is still the most popular form of secure business communication for enterprises all over. On-premise faxing in particular is a way of setting up your own fax server on site, or over multiple sites, as opposed to using a cloud-based service. There are various components to an on-premise faxing solution, including a three-tiered layers, the host layer, device layer, and kernel. This allows for different ways of installing and configuring the server depending on the customer’s requirements.

An on-premise fax solution is a great choice for businesses that want to own and manage their fax infrastructure themselves. With an on-premise solution, all of your telephony infrastructure is managed by you, the customer. The on-premise fax server allows for multiple connector types such as MFP, SAP, and network folder connectors, which can be useful for businesses that use a variety of software applications.

Common Business Communications Solved by Faxination

Faxination offers various on-premise solutions to suit your business communication needs. With features such as least-cost routing, NLB and high availability, Faxination can help your business communicate more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, Faxination’s security features make it the perfect solution for businesses with strict security requirements. This is due to the fact that on-premise fax servers are installed on a customers internal infrastructure as opposed to cloud where it is hosted off-site.

Faxination offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve communication and collaboration. With our on-premise fax solution, businesses can take advantage of features such as:

  • Secure and reliable transmission of faxes
  • Native integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Ability to send outbound faxes from multi-functional devices or scan directly to other Faxination hosts

These features make Faxination an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve communication and collaboration.

Faxination Solves for Flexibility, Security, and System Complexity

Faxination’s on-premise solution offers businesses a unique combination of flexibility and security. With Faxination, businesses can tailor their system to their specific needs, allowing for a variety of connectors and devices to be used. Additionally, Faxination’s security features make it one of the most secure ways to exchange critical business documents. If you’re interested in learning more about Faxination’s on-premise fax solutions, contact us today.

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