The Necessity of International Faxing in the Business World

In today’s business world, international faxing remains a necessity. Despite the proliferation of email and other forms of communication, faxing is still the most secure way to transmit sensitive information between countries. Whether it’s due to government regulations or the need for greater security when communications go abroad, international faxing is here to stay. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why faxing is so important for business enterprises across various cultures and how Fenestrae can help you stay connected across the globe.

Why Do We Need International Fax?

Although email and instant messaging are ubiquitous in business communication, you might be wondering why international faxing is still a crucial piece of communicating with foreign entities. The answer lies in the need for secure communication when transmitting sensitive information, especially when the exchange of information is occurring with areas of the world that are vulnerable to security issues. To exemplify, faxing mitigates fraud risks in countries where email can be manipulated. The internet is also notorious for being vulnerable to hacking, which places any information sent over email at risk of being compromised. With fax, data is protected especially in countries where hacking is a common occurrence.

For this reason, many countries still view fax as the only legal means of communication that can be used in a court of law. Moreover, cultures such as that of Japan, view fax as a necessity not only for businesses but for households as well. This is due in part to the complex nature of the Japanese written language and the lack of affordable internet. Further, Germany also uses faxing for their enterprises due to its security benefits. Clearly, the persistence of faxing technology amongst varying cultures is a testament to its value in international business. No matter where you are in the world, you’re enabled to send or receive faxes. This is especially true if your enterprise is using Fenestrae’s international cloud fax technology.

The Advantages of Sending & Receiving International Fax with Fenestrae

Fenestrae’s international cloud faxing services offer the security and reliability businesses need when faxing abroad. With enterprise on-premise faxing as well as cloud faxing solutions, businesses are enabled to make use of their network and route faxes internally prior to being sent out. As a result, expenditure is significantly reduced as the cost of an international call is reduced to that of a local call.

Fenestrae is the fax solution of choice for corporations, enterprises, and multinational companies. Complete with integrated monitoring and control options allowing for role-based access, security vulnerabilities are effectively removed. Plus, our cloud fax solution integrates with common business applications such as Microsoft Office 365, and provides unlimited scalability. Offering faxing solutions that grow alongside your enterprise, Fenestrae is the perfect partner for businesses who regularly depend on international faxing.

Fenestrae: Offering Enterprise Faxing Solutions from Anywhere in the World

Faxination has been trusted by enterprises for over 25 years and upgrades enterprise communication systems without the need to invest in expensive software and server maintenance. Our cloud faxing solutions are easy to implement, affordable, and scalable to meet the unique needs of business enterprises from all corners of the world. Get in touch with Fenestrae to learn more about our international faxing services.

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