How to Know if Your Business Needs a Cloud Faxing Solution

Faxing has been a critical component of enterprise communication for decades. However, traditional fax machines can be costly and not practical for certain businesses, as they require paper, toner, and phone lines. For these reasons, companies are looking to the cloud for a more cost-effective solution. 

Here are some signs that your business should make the move to cloud fax, the security benefits of cloud faxing, and an example of how Fenestrae can help you transition to the cloud.

Signs Your Business Should Make the Move to Cloud Faxing

Limited Administrative Staff 

One significant sign that your business should make the move to cloud faxing is if you have limited administrative staff. Traditional fax machines require manual tasks, such as replacing toner and paper and routing incoming faxes. With cloud faxing, these tasks are automated, which frees up time for administrative staff.

Physical Hardware Challenges

If you want to reduce your hardware footprint, cloud faxing can be a great solution. Traditional fax machines require dedicated physical space in your office, while cloud faxing is entirely virtual. This can save your business in terms of physical space and associated costs of space rental.

Telephony Handled by Cloud Provider

If your business infrastructure uses a VoIP provider for telephony, cloud faxing is an excellent choice. Traditional fax machines rely on standard phone lines for data transmission. In contrast, cloud faxing converts data into packets that can be transmitted over the internet. This means you can eliminate the need for separate phone lines dedicated to faxing, resulting in cost savings. 

High Availability 

Cloud faxing accommodates the modern, agile work style many businesses are adopting, making it easier to work remotely or on the go. High availability is another draw to cloud faxing. Traditional fax machines can be affected by network outages, power failures, or equipment malfunctioning. Cloud faxing offers redundancy and failover capabilities, ensuring your faxes get through.

The Security Benefits of Cloud Faxing For Business 

Faxination utilizes Microsoft Azure to provide cloud faxing solutions to our customers. Azure is one of the safest, most trusted cloud platforms in the industry, with the highest standards for security and compliance.

Each customer portal is independent from others, providing a higher level of security. Each Admin portal has a unique sign-on and access control and is bound to the customers’ respective SMTP domain. This ensures the highest level of privacy and security of your sensitive information.

How Fenestrae Helps Customers Transition to Cloud Faxing

Fenestrae can help your business transition to secure, efficient cloud faxing. Our team of fax experts can help you determine your needs, plan and execute your deployment, and provide ongoing support. Recently, our team helped a large city in the U.S. do just that and implemented our fax solution, Faxination, that met their many needs.

Rather than maintaining a bulky fleet of traditional fax machines, we implemented a cloud fax solution. This enabled the customer to send and receive faxes nationwide, enabling staff to be mobile and yet have access to everything they need. The customer reduced costs by eliminating large rental contracts, paper usage, toner usage, and more. Fenestrae tailors each cloud faxing solution to meet customer needs and expectations.

Contact Fenestrae to Start Harnessing Cloud Fax for Business 

Cloud faxing can be the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their faxing processes, reduce costs, and improve security and compliance. As communication protocols continue to evolve, cloud faxing is leading the way as an efficient and cost-effective way to send and receive sensitive information. Contact Fenestrae today to learn more about how our cloud faxing solutions can benefit your business.

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