How to Know Your Business Needs an On-Premise Application for Fax

Faxing remains an anomaly in business technology, continuing to withstand its fast-paced evolution. This is due to its integral role in secure document transmission between systems. What many need to realize, however, is that there are ways to optimize this form of communication to suit their unique business needs. One way to achieve this is by implementing an on-premise fax server, so businesses have greater control over their communications infrastructure and associated costs.

Here, we will discuss how to know when your business needs an on-premise application for faxing, the differences between on-premise and cloud faxing, the industries that commonly use on-premise fax servers, and the use cases of on-premise fax applications.

On-Premise Fax Server vs. Cloud Fax 

When it comes to the differences between an on-premise and cloud fax server, the main distinction is where the infrastructure is hosted. On-premise fax solutions provide businesses complete control over their communication channel with multiple connectors that may not be available on the cloud, load balancing, and least cost routing when not available on telephony infrastructure.

On the other hand, cloud-based solutions utilize shared infrastructure, reducing businesses’ control over the system. The fax machine is a popular choice for companies looking to phase out physical fax machines. However, while cloud fax is highly secure, it may not be ideal for industries handling sensitive information or large-scale organizations needing greater infrastructure control.

Industries That Commonly Use On-Premise Fax Servers

Specific industries require a high level of security for their communication channels. With an on-premise fax application, the security protocols are built within the company’s firewall, reducing the risk of data breaches. This makes on-premise fax servers the logical choice for industries or sectors such as:

  • Government Agencies
  • Military Entities
  • Banking Institutions 

Businesses Choose Faxination for Comprehensive On-Premise Fax Solutions

Faxination offers comprehensive on-premise fax solutions for businesses across various industries. Our on-premise fax solution helps businesses manage their communication channels effectively, enhancing their security and control. Whether you are seeking an on-premise solution for external, internal, or both, we have a platform with several connectors to meet your business’s unique communication needs.

Real Life Use Case of Our On-Premise Fax Application

A banking customer is an example of a business that needed an on-premise fax solution. The company was looking for a comprehensive communication platform to help them effectively send messages to clients and customers. They chose Faxination as it offered several connectors, like SMS connectors, SAP Connectors, and Inbound Directors Connectors, available on-premises to enhance their communication for both internal and external purposes.

Contact Fenestrae to Learn More About On-Premise Fax Solutions by Faxination 

If your business handles sensitive information or requires enhanced communication control, an on-premise fax application is a viable solution. At Faxination, we offer comprehensive on-premise corporate fax applications that serve your unique business needs. Contact us today and take the first step towards enhancing your communication channels.

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