How to Make the Most Out of Your On-Premise Faxing Solution

Modern enterprises face a unique challenge – how to get the most value from their fax software solutions? Having an on-premise fax server to enable enterprise faxing can be incredibly powerful, and Faxination includes features that can help make the most out of your business technology. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of using an on-premise fax solution and discuss some cutting-edge features businesses should leverage to maximize their potential.

Start Leveraging Your On-Premise Fax with These Features 

Many customers are missing out on the full benefits of their on-premise fax solutions. Things like testing fax connectors and fax server optimization can be overlooked, despite its ability to improve connectivity. 

Moreover, companies that need high-end security and encryption may need to look to new functionality and utilize fax components like SR140, using TLS with SRTP. Though unfamiliar, features like these can help ensure your on-premise faxing is secure and efficient.

By leveraging these features, your on-premise fax solution can become a powerful tool for streamlining communication and enhancing data security. Here are our top 3 recommended features of Faxination each customer should be using: 

1) Reporting – Many customers don’t use the available SQL database to determine which departments use faxes and how much they fax. Frequently, they are only aware of how many faxes they send or receive once they try to remove the functionality from users

2) Least Cost Routing – Adding multiple servers for least cost routing enables customers to reduce telephony costs significantly.

3) NLB – Customers can use network load balancing to ensure efficiency and constant, reliable service to their users. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your On-Prem Fax Solution

If you’re utilizing an on-premise fax server solution, measuring its effectiveness is essential. For this reason, the Fenestrae team offers assistance with this through our sales support team. We offer conference calls where we discuss the options available to you when evaluating your on-premise fax capabilities. 

An example where our team was able to help a customer of ours realize the full potential of their fax solution would be recent; a customer was using our SMS connector module and realized they needed a more robust solution for their needs. Our team helped them transition to our SMSC module to better support their on-premise fax system.

Another instance would be a customer who sends multiple faxes to the same number simultaneously, though the server was configured to only send one fax at a time to the same number. By removing this restriction, the server properties allowed for faster processing because they could send multiple faxes at once to the same destination. This kind of efficiency makes a difference for customers trying to manage their on-premise fax server while extracting the most value from it.

Make the Most of Your On-Premise Fax Solution with Faxination

Faxination by Fenestrae enables customers to maximize the value of their on-premise fax solution. Our feature set caters to enterprises with growing needs, ensuring they can leverage our product to get the most out of their fax solutions. From reliable communication to implementing features like least-cost routing, Faxination helps customers make the most of their on-premise fax solution.

To learn more about how Faxination can help you transform your on-premise fax solution, contact our team today!

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