Top Faxination Support Scenarios

At Fenestrae, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide digital faxing solutions that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our Faxination platform is designed for enterprise users, and our support team is equipped to assist with any scenario that may arise. This post will discuss the top support scenarios that our team sees regularly. We will also outline how we help customers overcome these challenges and ensure a successful faxing experience.

Common Fax Support Scenarios Seen in Business Enterprises

Needing support with your digital faxing solution is not uncommon in the business enterprise setting. Support cases can often entail simple issues like telephone lines causing complications with fax transmissions or assisting with integrating new SBC equipment and SIP providers into a business’s environment.

Typically, our team will encounter support cases involving a business enterprise migrating from Exchange to Office 365. Our customers receive assistance with configuring their Faxination Servers SMTP connector to ensure correct fax transmitting and receiving.

Further, we advise our customers on how to set up SMTP routing through their organization for message transmissions to and from Office 365. As such, we can ensure the Faxination solution is working correctly and that all fax messages reach their intended destination.

How Fenestrae Helped this Enterprise with Their Fax Routing Complications

Our support team ensures that every business faxing need is met, including successful integrations, system migrations, and routing challenges. In one such case, our support team assisted a customer who had changed over to a new SIP provider and began to experience routing issues.

A Telco Provider in the USA,  implemented a new policy called STIR/SHAKEN which was employed to control robo-calls. In turn, routing was impacted as additional information had been added to the routing info embedded in the SIP traffic, and the system could not relay the fax messages to their intended destination. Faxination was then configured to work with the additional SIP information being added, and the routing of faxing was effectively restored.

Offering Global Support for Even the Most Complex Fax Challenges

As each customer’s environment, internal setup, and policies differ, every case we encounter offers unique challenges. For this reason, we offer our Global Support Center to open, review, and update cases.

Our customers can search our expansive knowledge base to find information on common fixes, downloading patches, and installing and setting up our system. Plus, our Maintenance & Support enables access to the latest technology Faxination offers and continuous support for business enterprises.

Faxination: Providing Unrivaled Fax Support for Business Enterprises

From simple setup assistance to complex fax routing issues, Faxination is here to provide the unrivaled support needed by business enterprises. Our Faxination platform allows customers to send and receive faxes securely through typical business applications.

Our support team is dedicated to providing superior customer service and best-in-class support solutions. As a Faxination customer, you can rest assured that our support team can assist with any digital faxing challenge you may face.

Get in touch to learn more about Faxination and our support services.

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